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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I just replace the bulb & not the entire lamp housing? LMP H180 replacement lamp VPL-HS20?

I have Sony Home Theatre projector.
Can I replace just the bulb & not the entire housing? If so what other bulbs/lamps are compatible?

Best Answer...


I've experimented with Mitsubishi and Sony lamps by going to a good lamp manufacurer like Ushio for the raw lamp. It's not recommended by the TV companies and it's not much of a savings. The cage is cheap, it's the lamp that's expensive.

I've had no trouble, but you should know there are several critical specs to the lamp, and the rest of the light engine is designed around those specs. For example, the color temperature of a TV lamp should be about 6400 kelvin, but not exactly. Arguably, 6504 is perfect.

If you don't understand this stuff, buy the complete unit and pay the extra 20 or so bucks. And I'd recommend doing it before the original lamp burns out. It's nice to have a spare laying around on Superbowl Sunday... Just in case!