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Carpet Stretcher


Crucial Things You Need to Know About Your Carpet

You have gone thru the lengthy procedure of picking just the correct colour, fiber and development of your carpet. The installer has spent a whole day in your house and you eventually have your beautiful, brand spanking new flooring installed. But what is that odor? And are those wrinkles in the carpet?

The list below describes some of the most difficult problems carpet owners run into, together with some practical solutions.

Purchasing new carpet


Some kinds of carpets will shed balls of fluff all though their beginning year. This is normal and should not be a source for concern, since these balls are typically too big to become airborne. Shedding happens when a tuft happens to rise above the pile of the carpet. Widening is also regular in the first year, but can also occur across the life of the carpet.

Solution: Carpet should gradually stop shedding after one year. Vacuum on a regular basis to cut the period of time your carpet sheds. If you find a growing carpet tuft, cut it to size making use of a pair of scissors. You could damage your carpet if you try and vacuum or pull at the tuft.

Wrinkles and Buckles

If carpet is incorrectly installed, it may ripple, buckle or wrinkle. This goes against ordinary, and should instantly be fixed.

Solution: Contact your carpet installer and have them correct your carpet by using a power stretcher. It's a good idea to check for damages just before the installer leaves to make corrections easier. Do not let anyone tell you that wrinkles or buckles are normal.

Long term Carpet Issues


Over length of time foot traffic and heavy furniture can impair carpet fibers. While a certain quantity of crushing is standard for every kind of carpets, some carpets like acrylic can be crushed easier than others.

Solution: You can fight carpet squashing by vacuuming heavy traffic areas often. You will also want to move heavy furniture 1 or 2 inches on a regular basis or put down protecting tabs and foam blocks.

Color Loss

Fading, colour loss and yellowing can be caused by a few factors including sunlight, gases passing over the outer layer of the carpet and cleaning chemicals.

Solution: Save your carpet from fading and yellowing by keeping it away from dangerous chemicals and shielding it from UV radiation. You should also invest in window drapes, colourfast carpet or UV window protection. Ensure you shield your carpet from colour loss, as it is mostly most unlikely to reverse.


Stains can take place even in carpet that's sometimes immune to marking and soiling. Treat all stains as fast as possible for most satisfactory results.

Solution: Contact a certified carpet cleaner in your local area. Chemicals at your local superstore may cause more damages to your carpet. Make sure the staff are trained thru qualified training schools or institutes, so they will identify your carpet fiber, identify those stains and do expert stain removal.

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