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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I remove textured paint with Granite in it?? HELP!!?

My husband got this bright idea that he wanted to paint our new house walls with textured paint. After three days, he talked me into it by assuring me that he knew what he was doing...NOT!! It is a mess, and now I just want it off my walls!! HELP!! How do I get it off??

Best Answer...


Oh boy. Here's how i handle walls and ceilings that have been textured somewhat "unprofessionally", if you will. First, knock off the high spots with a 4 inch taping knife (like you use for drywalling). Now, rather than try to sand or scape the rest off, use drywall compound to fill in the uneven surface (with a finishing trowel). You'll need to sand after this and, you may need apply a second coat of the compound and sand again to get it really smooth. It's not the funnest job in the world but it's worth every bit of your time to get rid of something unsightly when it's this big. Hope this helps

BTW, before i experiment with an unknown technique, i do it on a piece of scrap material....