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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I get my hair pin straight?

I have naturally really curly and wavy hair, so I straighten it for school.
I'll straighten it and it will be pin straight for 30 minutes. Then it will get kind of poofy. Its annoying. I spray a little hairspray on it when I'm done styling it in the morning. I take a shower at night, let my hair air dry then straighten my hair for school the next morning. What should I do to keep it pin straight all day! Oh my hair straightener is a 1 inch Wet to Dry.
I let my hair air dry guys before I straighten it!
Straightening it is already enough damage I don't want to blow dry it!

Best Answer...


Personally, i dont think that the wet to dry straightners work very well because i get poof when i use them too!

I have a straightner called maxi glide and i love it to death! After i straighten my hair i NEVER have to worry about poofyness it is alway run your fingers through hair! I LOVE it!

I definitely recommend it!

But if you do not want to get a new straightener i sugguest not straightening your hair from wet to dry, just do it when its dry.

I hope i helped atleast a little!