Screwdriver Bit

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does autofocus work on Nikon cameras with in body focus motors?

My Nikon D100 has an in body focus motor, but try as I might, I cannot see where on the camera, the AF screw is. Just out of interest, does anyone know how autofocus is set up with Nikon cameras with in body focus motors?

Whereabouts in the body is the motor likely to be? How big is it? How does it attach to the lens?

Best Answer...


The position and size differs from model to model. The output is always the same little screwdriver bit that sticks out at the 8 o clock position.

This image of an n90 shows it, your D100 will have the same screwdriver bit.

Move the focus switch on the front of your camera to M and you will see it being withdrawn.