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Frequently Asked Questions...

I am updating my kitchen. The floor and walls are light green. What color should my granite countertops be?

I am also updating my kitchen appliances. Any suggestions for appliance colors? Thanks.

Best Answer...


One of the kitchen tricks I have learned is the counter tops and floors should be a similar color. However, if your walls and floors are both green, I would ditch that idea and do your counter tops a neutral. White is always beautiful and fresh, however it shows more dirt. Tan or sand colored granite would be nice and give your kitchen a muted effect. It also shows enough subtleties within the flecks that it hides marks better. Browns would fall into that category as well.

If you choose black, it will begin to take on a retro feel, so if you are into that style, go for that.

As far as appliances, if you choose a lighter granite (the white or tan) I would choose a very light stainless steel finish. If you pick brown, go with a standard stainless steel, and if you go with black, get black appliances.