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Porter Cable Cordless Drill Model # 8624 Problem???

I just bought a used Porter Cable Cordless Drill. The model number is 8624. It is a 19.2 volt drill gun and at the time of me buying it (yesterday), the battery charger, battery and the drill gun worked great. Today, after it ran out of juice (the second time since me buying it), I put the battery in the charger to charge it up and left it there for at least two hours. Every time I checked it, it was blinking green rather than the green light continuously being lit. This means that it is telling me to insert the battery. BUT, the battery is already inserted and I know it is inserted correctly! Any suggestions??? What do I do?? What is bad what is good??


Best Answer...


return it immediately hopefully you've got the receipt and get a makita 18 volt is all you'll need