Amplifier Transistor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

question about transistors?

ok, so i know basically how a transistor works. And what it does. However i have no idea how that would be useful, so could somebody please explain it in an easy to understand way?

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If you ask the truck driver, how he makes a turn or applies brakes, the answer you get is that the truck has power brakes, or power steering. What that means is that the force one has to apply is much lesser than actual force required for the operation. This is obtained by hydraulic systems that enhance the power by amplification. This is similar to what you can get from a transistor. the base current is low and collector current is 500 times that. os if you change base current by a few microamps, the collector current can change by a few mIlliamps. This is current amplification. This can be converted easily to voltage amplification, and a few microvolts of signal obtainable from sensors can be properly "coupled" to base to get an amplified version of the same. You can also get electrical power amplification and if you address a class of 100, you need not shout. You can use a hand held mike and an amplifier. Transistors are used in IC's and a host of other applications can be found from wireless applications to aircraft control