Axial Electrolytic

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I am (as the title suggests) going to build a Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. I however have come across a problem. I cannot find anywhere to purchase a 20uF axial electrolytic capacitor. This is particularly annoying. I could either use a 22uF capacitor in its stead, or couple 2 10uF capacitors in parallel to get the required capacitance. Which do you think would serve best?

Also, where's the best place to purchase a 500KOhm Audio Taper Potentiometer? My usual sources are all failing me (Farnell, Maplin, RS electricals)

Many Thanks

Best Answer...


a 2uF difference probally won't make a noticable difference, especially for a fuzz pedal. If it's in the power supply section(between power and ground) then that difference won't matter at all since it's only used to filter out the input voltage so it won't show up on your signal.

Otherwise, your just fine putting 2 10uF's in parallel.