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Frequently Asked Questions...

whirlpool super capacity 465 digital display won't turn on so oven won't work?

The stove top igniters work fine and I can use the stove top no problem. However, the digital display is not working at all so I can't turn the oven on or do anything with it.

Model number SF368LEPS.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you :-)
I don't know if it makes a difference or not but earlier the power went out and today is the first I've noticed it not working. The clock doesn't even blink.

Best Answer...


You're going to need to buy the whole display module. If you are pretty handy at taking apart and putting back together along with minor electrical as simple as plugging wires onto a connector then you can do it yourself. Just get to the module, disconnect it and take it to your local appliance parts dealer. They'll match it up and order you one or they may have it in stock.