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Ind Dial

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Top 4 tips teach you how to voice dial using the iPhone 4 for free

It is attractive idea to have voice dial through using iPone 4 for free, so many iPhone 4 users want to have free iPhone 4 voice dial. Therefore, the following is about how to voice dial with iPhone 4 for free.

I love my iPhone 4. It's a great little device with tons of nice features. The software and hardware are examples of great design and engineering. Having said that, one of the shortcomings is that it does not come with the ability to voice dial. But here is the solution.

Step 1

Go to the App Store and click on Categories. Then click on the Utilities category and the Top Free software. Look for the "Melodis Voice Dialer" by Melodis Corporation. You will likely have to list more than the first 25 software. Download and install this software.

Step 2

Once the software is installed, place it on the front page so that it is easy to access.

Step 3

When you start the program, you will see a large green button indicating you should "Press and hold to search." When you do this (press and hold the green button), you will see the green background of the button start to move indicating that it is in the recording mode. Say the name of one of the people on your contacts list into the built-in microphone. Release the button once you've finished. You should now see the person listed below the button.

Step 4

Click the person's name to make a call to that person. It's that simple.

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