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Frequently Asked Questions...

Ho do we use magnets (and electromagnets) every day?

Preferably the techniques that most would not guess, but some of the more obvious ones as well.

Best Answer...


Your CRT if you still have one uses an electromagnet to direct the electrons to hit the screen to display a picture.
Then there is in industry the electro-magnetic brake that you need to energise to allow the motor to turn freely.
Then there is the electro-magnetic clutch that you use to engage the outer part to run together with the already turning inside part.
Then there are the cool magnets in the scrapyard.
In a DC motor you create your own magnetic field with electricity.
A squirrel cage motor uses a magnetic field to rotate it.
A permanent magnet servo motor has a magnetic rotor for precise positioning.
A magnetic wheel can be used on a motor with a Hall effect switch to pick up the rotational speed.
Magnets are used in pneumatic cylinders to use for positioning with a magnetic reed switch.
You get magnetic tape that is used for linear positioning.