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Frequently Asked Questions...

Cbse class 12th student (PCM) IS in confusion. Plz help. Suicide matter :| ?

How many marks teachers give to students out of 30 in physics, chemistry, physical education practical exam in front of 'extranel'. I think they give more than 22 to save the reputation of the school. If student fails in viva ,written experiment, lab manual copy check.etc. And one more thing if a guy scores 40% in this year can he give exam again next year to score more than 60%

Best Answer...


Teachers can give as many marks as they deem fit. Usually, they will pass the student to save the reputation of the school. Don't worry about the "externals" They would have got enough money and tea/coffee/ sweets/ bajji-bondas to be silent.

Even if a student fails in viva etc...he can take the exam next year to score more than 60 %. YES.

It's not worth losing your life over. IT's just a stupid exam. Don't worry. Call 1098 from landline for suicide prevention/ counselling help.

I hope you do the right thing and save a life...yours.