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Oil Spill.. Isn't it Possible?

Isn't it possible to build an oil tight BUBBLE of sort around the break in the pipe to contain the oil until they can figure a way to stop the Flow??? I know a simple answer to something that I'm sure someone else has thought of, but you never know.. Contain the oil first then fix or permanently plug the pipe?
I know this is really not a Political Question.. but I just thought maybe someone else could tell me why it is not possible...
Iaslo.. that makes sense.. thanks But I'm sure there has to be some kind of material that could hold the pressure..
racer x.. your humor is appreciated but sometimes a simple idea are things that are overlooked.. Instead of trying to show your intelligence by being a jerk why not put your mind to work a little and try and solve a problem?

Best Answer...


Actually they tried something similar a few weeks ago. It was constructed of concrete and steel with an opening at the top.

"ON THE GULF OF MEXICO (AP) - With success uncertain, a boat carrying a 100-ton concrete-and-steel contraption designed to siphon off the oil fouling the Gulf of Mexico arrived at the scene Thursday in an unprecedented attempt to cap a blown-out well spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons a day.

Another boat with a crane would start lowering the box to the seafloor later in the day. Engineers hope it will be the best short-term solution to controlling the leak that has only worsened since it began two weeks ago.


It didn't work out. The outlet pipe kept freezing up.

So your idea is not crazy at all in fact it's one of the first things they tried. Funny how people like to criticize when they don't know the facts.