Overloads Heaters

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how is the size of a overload heaters selected for a particular installation?

Best Answer...


From manufacture's heater selection charts
decide on the protection percentage of full load current(FLA found on nameplate) desired i.e.90,100,110%.
Lets say 10 Amp FLA 100% protection
Look for the heater size nearest to 10Amp.
Other factors you will need to be considered, like if the heater is located indoor or outdoors, compared with the motor location (non compensated, compensated, allows for these ambient changes).
Finally, if your motor has a service factor rating i.e. (SF=1.15), found on nameplate you could consider raising the protection 15% above FLA
value in this case 10+ 1.5=11.5Amp.(now look for heater size closest below this value)

hope this helps...