Oxide Varistor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can you get surge protected socket outlets?

Rather than an extension lead actual surge protected sockets?

I'd like the idea of not having to use power strips as plugging everything into the wall is much cleaner and less mess.

Best Answer...


I don't like the idea.

Surge arrestors do "wear out", eventually, as the metal oxide varistors deteriorate as they absorb small surges. You need the ability to replace them easily.

I've seen "whole-house" surge arrestors that can be installed at the service entrance, or circuit breaker panel. These usually have a large, plug-in module that can be replaced. These devices protect against external surges, but don't protect against surges generated inside the house. You can generate damaging surges inside your house: air conditioners, for example, will generate an electrical surge as they switch on and off.

After it is all said and done, a high-quality surge arrestor built-in to a portable power strip is the best economical protection you can get, second only to a UPS system.