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Frequently Asked Questions...

Bad Capacitor In Power Supply?

I have a Viewsonic vx910 out of warranty with blinking green light. I believe one of the capacitors is bad but none show visible evidence. They are specified as a Capxon 470uF 25v, KF 105 Degree #C502. Forums say these are garbage and I should use a Rubycon. Where can I buy this and what is the cross reference number for Rubycon?

Best Answer...


You can go to most any electronic parts store and get good enough replacement capacitors if you think that's for sure the problem. You don't need to get Rubycon capacitors.

However, if that's not the problem then you will have wasted your time and money.

A blinking green light could mean that something besides the power supply has a short. Have you disconnected the power distribution cables from everything except maybe the motherboard and tried turning it on to see if the power light will stay on?

If the power light stays on then it could be a bad hard drive or something like that which has a short and is attempting to draw too much current from the power supply so the power supply keeps shutting down to protect itself.

If it is the power supply then you might want to replace the whole power supply unit instead of trying to troubleshoot to the component level. It costs a bit more in parts but it could save you a headache since bad capacitors can damage other parts or be caused by other parts that have failed meaning you would have to locate and replace those parts as well as the capacitors.