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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can i start my motorcycle without the signal generator?

94 gs500e : i layed it down...pretty hard and from what you can see, the signal generator is gone and the clutch cover is all scratched up, but the only visible thing that looks like my bike wont start is because of the signal generator being broken off. I was wondering if maybe i could run start my bike...i tried it and it didnt work the first few times....is it because its flooded?

also if i try to start it with the start button, it starts doing what it normally would, but it wont start.

Best Answer...


For molitor and charl and anyone else that don't know what a signal generator is, it's the same thing as a pulse generator, magnetic pickup, crankshaft position indicator and so on. Nothing more than a fine wire winding around a permanent magnet and when a ferrous metal object passes within close proximity, the magnetic field collapses, inducing current in the winding. This electrical pulse then signals the ignition module to close the circuit on the MOSFET transistor, collapsing the magnetic field in the ignition coil, creating a spark at the spark plug. To quote charl, that's wtf it is.