Climbing Belt

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the last compliment you received from a stranger?

Last night I was in Home Depot buying roofing supplies, and wearing a muscle shirt (which I rarely wear). The young cashier, I guess her to be about 21 (half my age) said, "Man, you have some really big arms!"
It made me feel really good. I said "Thank you. You just made my day!"
Later, I called the store and told the assistant manager that one of her employees paid me a very nice compliment and I wanted to let them know that I was very thankful, and that employee was a real asset to their store. The rest of my night went much better.

Best Answer...


This is not the last one but it is the most memorable.
A guy in a red convertible drove up to me and said:
"Damn you should be a centerfold in a Playboy magazine"

The funny thing was I was wearing a tool belt, a climbing belt and climbers over my black lineman boots.