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Frequently Asked Questions...

What does lightning like to hit?

Where does it commonly strike and why does it strike that? I heard it was because of electricity? Why does it strike humans? Lastly, what is the chance of being struck by lightning if you are outside with things much taller than you?

Best Answer...


Lightning tends to strike where it can easily discharge the built up static electricity. This could be any number of objects. It also tends to strike the highest object. Objects such as power poles, trees, light poles, towers, antenna masts, tall buildings.

Lightning can often strike humans because they are a perfect path of least resistance to ground. The human body offers the perfect path for the lightning bolt to discharge.

The chance of being struck by lightning greatly increases if you are outside during a storm. However, if there are other objects that may offer better paths, lightning may strike them and not you. However, being outside during lightning is not advisable.