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The Role Of Skin Tag Size In Choosing A Treatment For Skin Tags

According to many medical studies, skin tags are free from risk of cancer. Often we tend to ignore if our skin suddenly have these tiny growths, especially if they show no signs of growing in size. However, when they show signs of growing to greater sizes, we scramble to find an effective skin tag treatment to get rid of them. It is normal for people to grab a wart treatment, thinking it will also work on skin tags. However, skin tags have a different shape and big ones can grow either in a grape fruit size, being flat based or as stalk. Skin tags may be small, but they can be easily noticed seen they tend to grow in clusters on a certain area of the skin.

The small tags are never a huge issue. In fact, many people will overlook them if they are grown in cover parts of the body or in areas with no sensitivity. Treating small tags is also a quick process especially when they are addressed at an early stage. In order to prevent the occurrence - and recurrence - of these skin tags, you should immediately go to a doctor for a proper prognosis once the growths start manifesting themselves. Small tags, when treated, will not be as painful as you would think. People who have had skin tags before are in a better position to find out which medication to use, which natural remedies to apply, and which treatments to choose when dealing with skin tags.

But that is not the case for everyone. Some people are unfortunate in having skin tags that continue to grow and become sensitive as time passes. This situation is unbearable to most people when the skin tags have grown on the sensitive parts of the skin, which makes them a big bother due to constant abrasion and contact. It even reaches the point where the abrasion and friction results to bleeding of the skin tags. When you normally would not worry about dangers or risks posed by skin tags, now you are faced with a potential problem. When this happens, you should make it a point to get proper and immediate treatment for it. Slacking off on it would be inviting further risks of infections.

The bleeding would be the first thing that the dermatologist would have to address when presented with this problem. It is unavoidable; you have to consider the size and dimensions of the skin tags in contemplating which treatment you should choose. If you also look at the areas where the tags grow, you will note that big tags grow on warm areas while the small one are on the cool and exposed parts of the skin. Friction is almost constant in areas of the body like the armpit or even the anal area. As a result, a lot of itchiness could arise, causing a lot of discomfort and pain, not to mention extreme itchiness. Make sure the treatment option of your choice would be suitable for the skin tags you are removing.

Skin tags in these areas are often treated using the procedure known as cauterization. This basically involves burning the skin tag by applying a hot metal directly over it. There is no need to worry about infections when this procedure is used, and although you would experience some pain, you will be assured that regrowth of the skin tags is not a possibility. Freezing large skin tags is also common when dealing with tags in these parts of the body; however, it not highly picked due to costs. If you have heard of Lasik skin tag treatment, that is another surgical treatment that you can choose.

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