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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are there any multi fuel engines? (I hear the Indian Army truck Shaktiman Could run on any fuel)?

1) which run on Diesel, Petrol,gas, & edible oil.
2) if so will it be a Ci Engine or Si engine?
3) At what temperature will edible oil burn? Will it be enough to run an engine?

Best Answer...


I can tell you first hand that I have a VW Jetta that runs on either Diesel, BioDiesel, WVO, SVO or anyother vegetable oil. Here is my site: http://www.nickpisca.com/wvo

Here is the procedure for converting a Jetta to run on WVO or SVO (Waste Vegetable Oil and Straight Vegetable Oil, respectively). http://www.nickpisca.com/Alamo/InstImages.html

You can find all sorts of good information at other VO conversion forums. The best kit and online forum on the market is Frybrid, at http://www.frybrid.com .

Any diesel engine can be converted to run on multiple fuels. In fact, the inventor of the Diesel engine, Rudolph Diesel, intended for his engine to be run on Vegetable Oils, but at the turn of the 20th century, petroleum was much cheaper. Now with crude oil supplies dwindling, his original intention has returned by popular demand.

All you have to do is lower the viscosity of the fuel to match Diesel. This can be accomplished by two means: temperature or chemical additives. BioDiesel is a chemically treated vegetable oil, and it's viscosity is similar to Diesel once processed. If you don't want to work with chemicals, you can always heat up the oil while commuting. Heating oil will make it thinner and less viscous. With regular oils, like peanut, soy, canola, etc, you need to heat that oil to 160°F to 210°F. You could run a circuit from your coolant system to heat the oil, and the only downside is that you need to start your car on Diesel until it heats up. Otherwise you could electrically heat your oil, but that can put a drain on your alternator. It's up to you, but it's much better than dealing with all the chemicals in making BioD.