Johnson Controls

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why can't I find parts for a Lennox G21 Series Pulse gas furnace?

If you go to the website, the model is not even listed! My problem is this: There is a component inside the unit made by Johnson Controls. Depending on where you look, (and believe me, I've loked PLENTY) it's variously called an "ignition control(ler)", burner control, flame controller, etc. It's m/n is G891TCA-8102, it's p/n is 34K8301, and I have founf it listed by repair companies as a 1GM60JOOA and/or 60J00. Mine works intermittantly, and when it doesn't, if you tap it lightly w/ a screwdriver you can hear a relay on the board pull in and the purgr/ignition cycle begin.
Does anyone else experience this problem? Short of buying a new component, which is $330, is there any way to correct the problem? Is there anything else I should look for? Does anyone else have a better price? Would you advise I install it myself, or have a pro do it?

Best Answer...


The furnace is obsolete,but the part has been upgraded. There is no other way to repair the will have to buy a new board & have a licensed A/C & heating tech install it for around to each company for a price estimate first.......