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How to use plastic/vislon zippe   by Loveboa

Resin zipper, also called plastic/vislon zipper, is close paragraph of time is widely used by the zipper material. The mainly material of plastic/vislon was mainly used for building materials, doors and windows, but due to its excellent properties, just meets the people on the novel zipper requirements, and is widely used.
Now some consumers in using a zipper in the process, because the zipper products use has non-standard or improper operation, the occurrence of various abnormal situations, now to get some in the using of plastic/vislon zipper in the process of inappropriate methods and countermeasures.

One, plastic/vislon zipper purchase skills
General plastic zipper in different environments have different adaptability, therefore when in the purchase of the zipper, should put your request to businesses.

Two, the plastic/vislon zipper application:
Zipper application field: Raincoats, tents, bags, shoes and boots, ski clothing, water-washed jeans or leather products with high acidity and other special requirements.
Skills of using zipper:
1, the hit color
Ordinary fabrics is different from plastic/vislon zipper cloth belt, such as white fabric with black metal or different color zipper, so when the choose and buy, business should show, the requirement metal zipper color fastness quality should be well, and plastic/vislon can be mass production after in the sewing to conduct experimental confirmation.
2, change color
Plastic/vislon zipper chain teeth turn black and discoloration of the teeth will cause pollution to cloth material, copper alloy once oxidized, it will easily become black. So in the packaging bag not seal, keep the ventilation, attention is not filled with moisture (recommended the use of moisture-proof paper or moisture-proof agent, the effect will be better).
3, move
Because of the use of stained brown plastic/vislon or black metal zipper, cloth and plastic/vislon zipper parts of the contact will appear phenomena of pollution. In cloth dyeing processes, the residual acid or oxidant have chemical reaction, the plastic/vislon zipper and material contact parts may cause pollution, use a fully washed fabrics and materials.
4, the dye transfer
Plastic/vislon zipper on the dye may occur in response to polyethylene, synthetic leather, cloth and resin coating of plasticizers, cement, oil and other ingredients, and in dye transfer phenomenon, between finished products separated with paper, and pay attention to the preservation of the state.
5, the washing
A, washing or placing in the dryer before, please put the zipper closed, fixed the pull head. If open washing, the pull head front end will damage cloth, and the band will shrink.
B, strong alkaline detergent or chlorine bleach will melt down applies with the zipper on the wax or oil film, please pay the special attention when using.

Three, matters needing attention of the different texture of the clothing use plastic zipper
Plastic/vislon zipper application range is very wide, to businessmen to buy zipper when the need from the said application, composition, use, maintenance and so on to purchase, purchase plastic/vislon zipper should indicate the zipper special requirements and use, such as ordinary washing, acid enzyme washing etc.. Choose the right zipper of cloth or fabric and so on are all helpful, therefore must be careful to choose the right zipper, pay attention to product purchase, in the scope of use is to maximize the use of resources.

About the Author

KCC ZIPPER CO., LTD. produces more than 200 billion zippers per year, which includes: invisible zipper, metal zipper, waterproof zipper and Plastic Zipper. Our factory hopes to bring our new products to China, which is researched in these years, and then promote the quality and design with the industry of garments together in China, and move forward to a higher international market.
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