Socket Fusion

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Differences between electro fusion, saddle fusion,socket fusion, butt fusion?

Best Answer...


I usually hear these expressions in relation to polyethylene (PE) pipe.

A butt fusion is one where two ends of pipe are brought together in a butt weld machine. The ends are shaved until they are perfectly parallel. A heating plate is placed between them. The ends heat up. The plate is removed and the two ends brought together and held under pressure until the joint is cool.

An electro fusion coupling is a tube that contains a coil or coils of wire. The tube is slipped over the end of two PE pipes that are to be joined. The coils are heated using an electric current. The coupling is fused to the pipe

Saddle fusion is where a saddle is placed over a pipe and the edges of the saddle welded with plastic.

Socket fusion would similar to saddle fusion.

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